Color Match Quiz for Younique's line of Touch Mineral Foundations!

Color Match Quiz for Younique's Liquid Foundation

Are you in the process of wanting to try the famous Younique Liquid Foundation?

I love this foundation! It’s really simple to apply, gives a nice even matte finish whilst also balancing & disguising any redness in the skin. I use this alongside the concealer. Younique presenters say that this combination is ‘photoshop in a bottle’well they aren’t wrong! I recommend using both of these products together to get the best overall look (its just not the same when one is missing, not for me anyway!). This comes with a £30 price tag but if used the correct way it can also last a lengthly amount of time! 

Younique recommends using their powder puff makeup brush to apply, I do this and always get a great finish, but if you have your own technique when it comes to applying stick to what you know. 
This liquid foundation is thinner than some other foundations on the market, this is a quality I really like however if you aren’t so sure ask a presenter if they would happily meet with you (most will!), you’ll be able to see & try the product before you buy. I’ve used the other types of foundations they have available too so don’t worry if you’re not too keen on this one, there are other options available for you!

If you don't know what color you may be, then here's a quick quiz for you to take to figure that out!

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