Matte liquid lipstick

Splash liquid lipstick 
Let your lips do the talking with long-lasting matte liquid lipsticks in ten vibrant colors. Details...
Splash into color with ten highly pigmented yet weightless liquid lipsticks. Your new go-to accessory, these rich lipsticks will leave you feeling brave and bold (and hydrated!) all day long. Special ingredients and vitamins C and E seal in hydration, and a mousse texture and wax-free formula mean your lips will look smooth and filled in where ever the day takes you.
Tip-if your looking for a lighter color you can mix the touch concealer with the splash liquid lipstick and apply with the lip brush for a lighter, less bold shade!
Exfoliate and hydrate lips with the Moodstruck Lip Exfoliator. Define bottom lip with tip of applicator. Fill in lip with wide side of applicator. Repeat for top lip. Intensify color with multiple applications, allowing to set for one minute between applications.

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