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📣📣All the reasons why we are amazing!! 📣📣
It is a Re-usable tablet. has 1gb of memory for you to put your own stuff on too!! Comes with a charger!
💋New 3D mascara (FULL SIZE)
💋Addiction Palette #4 (FULL SIZE)
💋Splurge in Extravagant (FULL SIZE)
💋Cream shadow Brush
💋Angled/Shadow Sponge Brush
💋Eyeliner in Proper (FULL SIZE)
💋Lip Exfoliator (FULL SIZE)
💋Splash Liquid Lipstick in Sentimental (FULL SIZE)
💋Lip Pencil in Peachy (FULL SIZE)
💋Shine Makeup Remover Cloths (FULL SIZE)
💋Time Correcting Night Cream (FULL SIZE)
💋3 samples of charcoal detox mask
💋2 sample tubes of Instant Lifting serum
💋Liquid Foundation Samples
💋White Status Charm
💋Business building tools & Presenter Guide
💋20-30% commissions from any purchase made from your Free Website
👭 Amazing Sisterhood
💸 Potential to earn FT wages
🎂 Birthday money and bonuses
✈🌴Trip Incentives-Dominican Republic for 2017
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📚 Training 24/7 earn at your own pace
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