DIY Stepping Stones for the FABulous Garden!

                       DIY garden project: Concrete Stepping Stones

                                     Working with concrete in the garden is both simple and affordable! 
Hey All! Yes, I am a mother of three children, a stay at Home Empire Builder of an International Makeup Line, that means, I sell the magic mascara and a mother of three new puppies..

I have lost my mind...Anyway, I absolutely love to garden. I feel that when my flowers are blooming and my gardens are fabulous that there should be a news crew pulling in at any moment- to see my yard. hahahahha
 One project that I have done in different ways is below...Enjoy
Casting stepping stones using cardboard tubes is easy, as there is no need to build a mold, and you can also make multiple casts at the same time if you wish. Cardboard tubes are available in different sizes from builders merchants and other Hardware suppliers. We used tubes that were 25 cm (10 in.) in diameter here. Pieces of a rubber doormat can also produce beautiful scroll patterns on your stones.
You will need: fine concrete, cardboard tubing, pieces of rubber doormat, a piece of board, a saw, a ruler, oil, a paintbrush, a trowel and a stone or a file. Decorative pieces, such as glass beads or shells

1. Begin by sawing the tube into rings that are 5 cm (2 in.) high, then trim your piece of rubber doormat to fit inside the cardboard ring.
2. Place the rings on your piece of board. Oil the rings and the board.

3. Mix the concrete and fill the molds, skimming off the excess when done. Shake the mold gently to distribute the concrete evenly and to get rid of any air bubbles. Oil your trimmed piece of rubber doormat. I sprayed mine with PAM...kinda a mom thing.

4. Press the rubber mat evenly into the concrete. I have added some of those colored glass beads and some broken shells to some of mine. You can find the glass beads from Walmart near the vase isle.
If you are casting more than one stone, keep some of your others plain to vary your pattern. Leave to set.

5. After 48 hours and if the concrete has set, carefully remove the piece of rubber doormat.
6. Gently ease the cardboard rings off the stones. These rings can be reused if you would like to make more stepping stones at another time. Smooth away any sharp edges with a stone or a file. You can find concrete pain at your local Hardware store. Thanks for stopping by!
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